go ! b.a.p - youngjae

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junhong dancing to ‘happy’~

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Bang Yongguk vs. Sports

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Youngjae is Lovesick
Credits to this lovely person for blessing us with such a wonderful fancam

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[140413] B.A.P LOE NYC // editable, but please credit!
Jongup shyly buttons up his shirt...

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"We haven’t even completed half of the goals that we had when we debuted. Now, rather than specific goals, we’re putting more importance in our own development and growth as a team. We’re taking it one step at a time. Ever since our debut, our dream was to meet with our fans from around the world as artists. We want our music and our message to be known to the world." — Yongguk (x)

"I really want your body."- Body&Soul
cannot handle



SO, I guess you could have lots of interpretations of the MV, like it always happens. here’s mine! :D

the Jackpot MV is about showbusiness, especially the kpop industry.

1. first we have this cute naive girl wandering around in a dark place. someone finds her, and she’s taken by surprise. (did you know what you wanted to do with your life when you were 13? probably not. she’s just lost like we all were when we were young. someone takes advantage of that - recruits her).


2. then zico’s all over her, like he’s interviewing her (maybe trying to convince her, talk her up). she looks scared, and doesn’t know what’s going on (she is SUPER young. just like most trainees are when they join the companies. she’s being led).


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