When Zelo says he wants to sleep with Yongguk (D-9)

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me too junhong me too

Yongguk bravely kissing a girl’s hand and being all smiley/shy after a fan kissed his hands ♥♥

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han “i don’t have any aegyo” sanghyuk being a cutie

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Hi B2ng. I love you Roffy. LMAO

I love you too Janet. And Diem. And Phuong.

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roffat is so embarrassing

Going Crazy/I Remember Mashup
Song Ji Eun x Bang Yong Guk x Yang Yo Seob

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HIS SMILEEEEEEEEE KILL me his gums are so cute his teeth are so cute he's so cute
Translated by Jessica~

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Cute Yongguk (▰˘◡˘▰)

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You are so attractive, ugh, your lips, fml.

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